A Special Local Brew at Fed Jack's

Monday, September 26, 2016

There’s always fresh new beer at Federal Jacks in Kennebunk, but the newest brew is proudly made with hops and malts from our very own neighbors in Kennebunk and Lisbon Falls Maine.

Shipyard Head Brewer at Kennebunkport Brewing Company, Mike Haley, has just finished his first batch of Winnow Hill Fresh Hop Ale. Brewed on site at Federal Jacks in Kennebunk Maine, Haley has good reason to be proud of this new brew.

Twenty pounds of Centennial leaf hops, picked just this week at Winnow Hill Farm in West Kennebunk were used along with over 300 lbs of pale and wheat malts from Blue Ox Malthouse in Lisbon Falls.

Haley decided to go with a lighted bodied American Pale Ale recipe to showcase the hops. The hops were harvested on a Tuesday and Wednesday, and were put into use for the Wednesday and Thursday brew days. Two 7 bbl batches were brewed using our mash tun as a hop-back loaded with 20 lbs of whole cone Centennials per brew. Haley transferred 10 more lbs of dried Centennial hops for a cold steep, of sorts.  "We'll check the flavor over the next few days, and then filter and carb for next week's service in the pub at Fed Jack's and growlers to go from the KBC Shipyard Store next to our brewery."

We also took advantage of having more local ingredients within driving distance, and set our base for this beer by using malts from the Blue Ox Malt House in Lisbon Falls. "Joel Alex and his crew floor malted Maine grown barley and wheat, which my kids and I field tripped up to the malthouse to load up and bring back to KBC", Haley recalls.

Coming in at 5.7% abv, this beer is a nice golden color - pale base malt, malted wheat, and a light biscuit malt for an added flavor dimension and a slightly deeper shade of gold. It fermented fairly dry, so the malt character is slightly toasty and crisp. The boil was late-hopped with Nugget, Citra, and Cascade pellets giving it some herbal spice, fruity, citrus, and mild pine. The Centennial recirculated in the hop back certainly lent another dose of the spicy floral aromas and flavors. With the additional dry-hopping, the beer picked up more of the floral spice, and certainly a little grassy character.  

This fun project with our neigbors has resulted in a tasty new brew that's being served at Feds and in growlers in the shop. This beer won’t be around forever and mugs are filling fast with this limited, new creation!