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Beer with Bruce: Holiday Beer

The holidays are upon us, the clock is ticking, and the shopping frenzy is fierce. But this is a time of celebration and sharing with family and friends, and to take the time to draw a deep calming breath and reflect on the truly important things in our lives.  Sounds like a healthy, even rewarding endeavor, doesn’t it? In reality, with everything going on, it could be harder to pull off than you’d think.

Here’s a suggestion that should ease you into the spirit of the season. Invite someone interesting to join you for a fine craft beer. A good beer shared with great company is one of life’s simple pleasures – most often leading to stimulating conversation and comradery. The beer should be up to the task, so it should be a craft beer.

Why craft beer? For one thing, craft brewers aren’t allowed to use any ingredient in their beer that doesn’t contribute to the flavor of the beer. This precludes us from using inferior ingredients like rice and corn solids, in lieu of malted barley, as a cheaper source of starch to aid in alcohol production. Isn’t that special someone, not to mention yourself, deserving of full flavor? Also, your craft brewer is independent and isn’t allowed to be that world domination, mega-producer. That’s not to say those mega-producers aren’t trying to fool you. Beware of the imitators who go to great lengths to be perceived as a craft brewer, but aren’t.

There are a few things that craft enthusiasts hold dear in their support of craft beer, like authenticity and integrity. These are the very attributes everyone at Shipyard Brewing Company strives to preserve in our products and in our business. What makes Shipyard authentic? Well, we’re an original player from the beginnings of the craft beer revolution here in the Northeast in the early 1990s. We started at the grassroots level as a small, humble on-premise brewpub, Federal Jack’s in Kennebunk, Maine. Fast-forward 22 years to today. In that time, Shipyard has enjoyed impressive growth – becoming Maine’s largest craft brewer and the nation’s 14 largest craft brewer. Our overriding principle is to not compromise the integrity of our ingredients and process. At Shipyard, we produce innovative, well-balanced, flavorful beers employing traditional brewing methods, using only the finest quality ingredients.

Now that I’ve got you feeling warm and fuzzy, we’ve still got all that shopping to do. May I suggest a visit to our gift shop right at the brewery in Portland? Come on in and warm up, take in a short video to learn about our history and brewing process, sample our beer and Capt’n Eli’s Sodas, or consult with our knowledgeable staff. They are full of great gift giving ideas and can customize a gift basket for that beer enthusiast on your list. Our Captain’s Collection and IPA Variety 12-Packs also make great presents. And our Signature Series and Bourbon Barrel Aged beers add to any festive occasion.

The greatest gift we can hope to receive is an invitation into your home for the holidays. From all of us at Shipyard, we wish you a healthy, rewarding and happy holiday season.  Cheers!