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Beer with Bruce: The Dark Side

Welcome to the dark side! This winter, Darth Vader has nothing on us at Shipyard. We plan to lure you to the dark side with a diabolical assortment of devilishly dark malty beers available in our new 12 pack seasonal collection. The starring roles to be played by 3 bottles each of our winter seasonal, Prelude Special Ale, Longfellow Winter Ale, Signature Series Imperial Stout and new to the dark side – Shipyard Milk Chocolate Stout.

These styles of beer are perfect for combat with the cold, brooding weather that lies in wait. Leave it to these dark beauties to warm the depths of your soul with dark roasted, chocolate and coffee overtones and an alcoholic warming akin to a slowly radiating glow.

These beers celebrate the malt side of the beer equation. Malt (and we’re talking barley here) is where beer gets most of its flavor, body, and color. At Shipyard we spare no expense to bring the finest 2-row malted barley to all our beers. An underlying principle of our brewing philosophy is to start with superior quality ingredients; the higher quality of the ingredient the simpler processing of that ingredient need be. We firmly believe this results in better tasting beer.

To get the most flavor from these malty beers we recommend a serving temperature of 50 to 55 degrees F. The science says that one cannot perceive the full malt sweetness of a beer until it warms to roughly that temperature. Now I’ll concede that everyone is a little different along these lines and I’m not in the business of correcting any ones taste buds. That being said, if beer is served cold it’s actually numbing your taste buds.

Here’s a simple solution. Buy that favorite malty beer, put it in your fridge. When it’s time for one, go to the fridge and take a bottle out, just set it on the counter (unopened) and take a minute or two to get a snack or make a sandwich, then come back to the beer with your favorite glass, open it and pour. With just that little warming, you’ll experience the full malt flavor that the brewer intended.

So, put another log on the fire, kick back and put your feet up, warm up and melt a heart or two with a dark malty Shipyard.