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Now Available: Little Horror of Hops

If you were in Portland, Maine during Portland Beer Week last year you may have stumbled across a variety of Bill Murray themed beers, including Shipyard Little Horror of Hops. Due to demand for this beer after Portland Beer Week, we decided to launch this Rye IPA as our new fall seasonal. The name pays homage to Bill Murray’s Little Shop of Horrors, while steering clear of the Hollywood trademark police. The ghoulish label was created by artist and Shipyard tour host Hannah Godbey.

This beer is now available in select markets through the fall.

Shipyard Little Horror of Hops is a hoppy Rye IPA, balanced by a complex malt blend. Peppery spice notes and a robust citrus hop flavor complement the dry hop finish and make for a perfect alternative to our Pumpkinhead ale.

Find Little Horror of Hops near you using the Shipyard Beer Finder.