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Shipyard Brewing Updates its IPA

New Monkey Fist features crisper profile, new hops, increased quaffability

(Portland, Maine) – Shipyard Brewing has updated the recipe for its popular Monkey Fist IPA.

Starting this month, Monkey Fist IPA (which debuted in 2012) features a revamped malt bill that includes less crystal malt, more pale malt, and an addition of flaked oats. The beer’s hop bill now includes its original Cascade hop and two new hop varieties — Mosaic and Citra — that are showcased in the beer. Monkey Fist’s total hop additions equal about 3 pounds of hops per barrel of beer.

The new Monkey Fist (named for a ball-like knot that sailors tie to make ropes easier to throw) also features less alcohol and hop bitterness. Monkey Fist’s alcohol-by-volume has dropped from 6.9% to 6% ABV and the beers International Bittering Units have been reduced from 80 IBUs to 50 IBUs.

Monkey Fist — fermented in the brewery’s hallmark open fermenters with Shipyard’s house yeast strain — also benefits from a revamped fermentation process that enhances the crispness of the beer and extend its shelf life.

“We’ve made subtle shifts to the beer,” says Shipyard president Bruce Forsley, “to bring it more in line with the taste preferences of today’s consumers.”

“Our goal,” he adds, “was to create a dryer and more crisp version of IPA with fruitier hops, a bit less hop bite and alcohol, and increased mouthfeel and head retention. We’ve hit the mark and created a slightly more contemporary and quaffable Monkey Fist.”

The overall packaging for Monkey Fist has not changed, but consumers can spot the new version of the beer by its 6% ABV listed on the beer’s label.

“Craft beer lovers crave innovation, exceptional quality and fresh flavors,” says Shipyard founder Fred Forsley. “We’re responding to that reality with this adjustment to Monkey Fist, along with a few new beers and packages we’ll release later this year.”

For those who crave the original version of Monkey Fist, Bruce Forsley has a suggestion: “You might want to stock up on the old version,” he says, “before it leaves store shelves for good.”



About Shipyard Brewing


Shipyard is a family owned independent brewery rooted in tradition and innovation. For over twenty years, the brewery has served as an economic and cultural catalyst for the rebirth of its Portland, Maine neighborhood and for the development of New England craft brewing.

Shipyard produced 116,000 barrels of beer in 2016 (over one third of the state’s 2016 craft beer production) and is the 28th largest-producing craft brewery in the U.S. The brewery continues to be an American craft beer pioneer in its use of open fermentation and produces over 25 varieties of packaged beer.

Shipyard got its start in July of 1992 when founders Fred Forsley and micro-brewery pioneer Alan Pugsley opened Federal Jack’s brewpub in Kennebunk, Maine. Two years later in 1994, the pair opened Shipyard Brewing Company on the historic waterfront in Portland, Maine.

Shipyard has allied brewpubs, breweries and taprooms in New England and Florida. Learn more at .

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