Shipyard's new TeaBrew Beers are made by infusing our classic wheat ale with the power of Tiesta Tea’s Yerba Mate and herbal tea blends, both Fireberry and Maui Mango variations deliver the ultimate beerfusion for beachgoers and adventurers alike. The flavors offer delicious thirst-quenching refreshment with all of the goodness, vitamins and nutrients of herbal tea, with only one gram of sugar.

This is a beer you can feel good about, the perfect reward for people who are fresh off of a run or yoga or cycling or any activity of their choosing. It’s a flavorful craft beer with a unique flavor profile and when you throw in the Yerba Mate and Rooibos, you’ve got the perfect drink to satisfy you after a hard work out, a yummy cook out or just a lazy day at the beach.

Shipyard Maui Mango is a light bodied wheat ale infused with Yerba Mate and Tiesta Tea’s Maui Mango herbal tea blend. It is golden amber in color with pronounced aromas of tropical fruit including pineapple and mango. The sweet malt aromatics compliment the delicate yet slightly tart finish. Each 12oz beer contains the equivalent of one cup of tea.

Shipyard Fireberry is a classic wheat ale infused with Yerba Mate and Tiesta Tea Fireberry herbal tea blend. It is a ruby red color with aromas of pomegranate, cranberry, and raspberry with subtle floral notes of hibiscus. This crisp refreshing ale is moderately sweet from pale and whole wheat malts with tartness from the hibiscus and cranberries.